WCAX CBS interview

Cemeteries are more than places to bury the dead. They also tell stories about how people lived, died and mourned. Two Vermont photographers wanted to capture the artistic side of graveyards so they visited as many of Vermont’s cemeteries as they could — to put together the exhibit Green Mountain Graveyards at the Vermont History […]


Burlington Free Press Story by Daniel Barlow

Old Vermont cemeteries offer us glimpses into the past, revealing how towns settled and the identities of early founders. But the artwork on the gravestones also details how residents of the Green Mountain State think about big issues of life and death.


Cheney Cemetery

Cheney Cemetery – Washington VT Summer 2014 Photos by Scott Baer


Out & About

Scott Baer and Dan Barlow are part of Vermont Public Television’s show Out & About. VPT- Out & About

Haunted Mary

Haunted Statue of the Madonna

A photo of the haunted statue of the Madonna that is said to “move.” Back in the 60′s some guys were partying in the cemetery and encountered the Phantom Gravedigger (the other ghost story surrounding St. John’s Cemetery) and at the same time saw the head of this statue turn and look at them. Saint […]


CVTV featuring Green Mountain Graveyards

Here’s thirty minutes of Scott Baer and Daniel Barlow talking Vermont cemeteries and Green Mountain Graveyards with Times Argus editor Steven Pappas for his “City Room” show on Central Vermont Television. Perfect for Halloween viewing! CLICK TO VIEW

by Scott Baer

Cracked Mary

by Scott Baer from the Art of Darkness Art Gallery

Jesus on the Cross

Jesus on the Cross

Provincetown Cemetery in Provincetown, Mass. Photo by Dan Barlow, June 2013.


Sunset at St. John’s Cemetery – Northfield VT

  St. John’s cemetery is located in northfield VT. This photo was taken in the fall 0f 2012 by Scott Baer.